Team NetApp – Endura fine-tunes its form in a second training camp

Team News | 13.01.2013

Following on from the training camp in December, which was all about team building and basic training, the second training camp focused on race-specific units. The entire team, including all the team's management, mechanics and physiotherapists, travelled again to the southern Spanish city of Almeria. The team relocated its base and materials completely to southern Spain for the ten-day camp.

All the riders are fine-tuning their form for the upcoming season, except Zak Dempster. For the new team member from Australia, racing life has already begun. He is participating in his homeland’s national championship and was selected for a national team, which will be on the starting line at the first World Tour race, the Tour Down Under.

The training regime includes daily four to six hours on the bike. There are also units involving strength training on the bike, interval training, training on time trial bikes for the individual time trials and special measures for the team time trials. For the time trials in particular, the new material must be individually adapted to the riders. The riders are given sufficient time to test the time trial bikes and optimize the calibrations.

The training units differentiate between the individual groups of riders. The riders who will be competing in a few days in the Tour de San Luis in Argentina, as well as in the Tour of Qatar and Tour of Oman, are already training in very intensive units. The sport directors are thus ensuring that the professionals are starting the first race of the season at a high level. 

In contrast, the group of riders who will only start the season in February are training in units that deal with the basics in Almeria. Between the training camp and their first race they will still complete individual units either at home or in warmer climes.

“Our first impression of the riders is very promising. We’ve noticed that the riders take their work seriously and have prepared well at home over the last few weeks,” said Alex Sans Vega, Sport Director at Team NetApp – Endura. “Even though it's only through the actual races that we will find out exactly where we stand, we are pleased that everyone’s motivation is especially high for the new season. The guys are really eager to put on the new jersey in their first race.”