Nokere-Koerse also cancelled because of poor weather conditions

Team News | 12.03.2013

Nokere-Koerse, the traditional Belgian race set to begin tomorrow, has been cancelled due to snowfall. With the roads covered with snow and impassable in places, the security risk for the riders was considered to be too high.

Now the riders will spend another long day in the Belgian team house and find ways to fill the hours. The day’s activities do not follow a tight schedule—the exact opposite of a racing day. The riders will sleep in and then plan the day to their liking. Regarding entertainment, having a meal together or even a little friendly competition at the bowling alley may be on the agenda.

But, of course, professional riders can never do without training. In the team house’s garage Tacx trainers are available for the riders, where some hours will be spent on so-called “turbo sessions.” Weather and road conditions allowing, the riders will briefly cross the Dutch border and ride a few kilometers along the canal.

“It’s a pity that yet another race has been cancelled. The blokes are again missing out on a race to prepare them for the big classical events. However, in the end it was a good decision, the riders’ safety is always first and foremost,” commented Jens Heppner after learning about the decision to cancel the Nokere-Koerse race scheduled for tomorrow.