Introducing our NEW teammates: David de la Cruz Melgarejo

| 22.12.2012

Team NetApp – Endura has signed four additional riders. Team NetApp sport director Alex Sans Vega will give you a quick impression of David.


David de la Cruz Melgarejo (23, ESP)

Alex: "David actually has a nice story to tell. From a humble background, he supported himself with various temporary jobs, ending up at a bike store. He loved bikes and saved up to buy himself a mountain bike. One day his bosses saw him riding his bike and realized David had real talent. They got David a race bike, put him in a bike club, trained him and got him a team. That’s only four years ago. His first team was Caja Rural in the ProContinental division. Since then he has been tagged as a hot new talent in Spain. David proved himself as a climber with third overall at the Vuelta Castilla y Leon. He also specializes in time trials, and has received a solid education as a track race rider. Climbing and Time Trials are the perfect combination for one day becoming a great cyclist. While he has a lot to learn in terms of tactics and technique, he has shown tremendous ability in the first four years of his cycling career and we have high hopes for him. David will be strengthening our tour rider group, centered around Leopold König."