Interview with Jan Bárta ahead of the Time Trial World Championships

Team News | 24.09.2013

We have spoken to Jan Bárta, who will compete in Italy at the UCI World Championships this week. His big goal will be a good placing in the time trial, but he will also play a vital role in the Czech national team at the road race on Sunday.



How do your legs feel after the Vuelta?

The Vuelta has been a very hard race and the legs usually need more time to recover after a three-week Grand Tour. I had one and a half weeks time to get some rest and my legs feel okay.


What do you think about the time trial course in Florence, does it suit you well?

It is not as hilly and technically complicated as the course in Valkenburg last year. I really like it. With almost 60 kilometres it is very long and it will be tough for me to push myself all the way through it. There won't be a lot of technical parts and due to the course being completely flat, I have to concentrate hard on my form and position.

You were seventh in last year's time trial in Valkenburg. What is your goal this year?

It is hard to tell and my result can't really be compared to last year's. Beside the course being very different, I also had a completely different season this year. I rode fewer races before I started in Valkenburg and had enough time to prepare. There will be a lot of time trial specialists competing this year, who put all their efforts into the preparation for the World Championships. A Top 10 placing would be a great result, over which I would be very happy.

How will you continue your season after the World Championships?

After I have finished the time trial as well as the competition on the road with the Czech national team, I will go back home and relax. I'll be informed whether I'll be starting another race this year in the next few weeks.