Interview with David de la Cruz

Team News | 10.09.2013

After having to drop out of the Vuelta on stage 13 due to knee problems, we talked to David de la Cruz after he returned home.


David, unfortunately you had to drop out of the Vuelta due to knee problems. How are you now? What about your knee?

I'm better now, I try not to think too much about the injury, because it has been very hard work to get to the Vuelta in the first place and I have not been able to show good results. My knee still gives me problems, but hopefully with the rehabilitation and massage sessions I can recover soon.

What did you do since you dropped out of the Vuelta? Did you go home the same day to see your family?

I tried to disconnect a bit from cycling. Being with my girlfriend and my family. I have only followed the Vuelta to hear about the performance of my teammates.

This was your first Grand Tour and longest bike race you ever did as well as your home race. What was your experience?

This experience has been very good, I have seen the Tour to Spain from inside, and before the injury I felt better every day. This is why I look forward to maybe returning next year to show some good racing and to forget the problems of this year.