Blog Blaz Jarc: Time to support!

Team Blog | 18.12.2012

It’s my first year that I am a professional cyclist in a well-known team receiving more awareness than ever before. I want to use this awareness to introduce you to Zala Hrastar. Zala is a seven year old little girl who lives in a village nearby my place and just entered first grade of Mirna Pec elementary school. I got to know her only two weeks ago but she already has taken my heart with her positive attitude and an incredible will to life, despite her illness. Zala likes to play with her friends and her one year older sister Lucija. She loves to create and make drawings. When the weather is good, she likes to spend time outside and takes her dog for a walk.

Zala is not an ordinary girl. She was born with a condition called cerebral palsy, which has a big effect on her moving abilities. She spends most of her life in a wheelchair.

For Sunday the 23rd of December I am organizing a hike to raise money for a special therapy called suittherapy. This therapy was originally used to prevent muscle atrophy and osteoporosis for astronauts spending long periods of time in zero gravity. It is known as one of the best treatments available to help children with cerebral palsy.

Only one of Zala´s parent is working, so it is hard for the family to cover the costs for this therapy which is 1.800 Euros for a week. And Zala needs at least a three-week treatment to make substantial progress with her moving abilities.

To all of those, who will not be able to join us for the hike, I am asking you to support Zala and her family to improve her quality of life. 

Please donate to:

Tax Nr.: SI22614508
Transaction Account: SI56 0297 0025 9477 202

Reference Nr: 00-903028
Purpose: ZA ZALO