All for one, one for all!

Team News | 19.12.2012

Team NetApp – Endura continues to focus on teamwork. Team NetApp – Endura's first joint training camp in Almeria, Spain, is putting a top priority on team building and workshops in addition to daily training.

"Our eleven wins and 21 podium finishes were shared between eight riders. This is a confirmation of our philosophy to date. Our team is the star. This means that the pressure to succeed does not rest on the shoulders of a single athlete. Everyone gets their opportunity, which is why working hard pays off," says Team Manager Ralph Denk. 

During the ten days when the riders meet for the first time, the focus is on team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis. The team building activities are enhanced by workshops on interaction with the media and introductions to physical and mental preparation during the season, including exercises to prevent muscle imbalances, functional training, rehabilitation and offsetting exercises. 

"It is very important that the riders practice offsetting exercises, so that the body is not permanently damaged from one-sided exertion. This type of preparation makes it possible for the muscles to train even harder and longer. At the same time, I try to incorporate my many years of experience in professional skiing and track and field," says Radek Kaftan, Conditioning Trainer for Team NetApp – Endura.

One of the youngest new recruits for Team NetApp – Endura is the extremely promising Spanish talent David de la Cruz (23): "I become happier about my decision to ride for Team NetApp – Endura each day. I had already gotten offers from the premier league.  Based on advice I received in talks with experienced riders and supporters, I chose Team NetApp – Endura. And they were right. The organization is very strong and thus very good. I already know my entire racing calendar and can prepare specifically for the objectives we have set together for the season. Young riders have to work a lot in large premier league teams, which is why athletic development is usually neglected. In this team the focus in on my healthy development. This is the most important thing for me since I am still at the very start of my career. Thanks to the many different team sports, which usually have a concept similar to the strategy found in competitive cycling, particularly teamwork, I already have gotten to know my new teammates very well. It's also a lot of fun."

Russell Downing, on the other hand, is the most experienced rider on the team and has already been to several training camps: "The NetApp – Endura training camp is the most relaxed one I have ever been to – despite the regular, hard training sessions and all the different sports like soccer and basketball. There's no better way to get to know your teammates. All I have left to say is: let the 2013 games begin – and I'm certainly not talking about basketball!"

The team will return to Almeria for the next training camp in January, where it will be time to focus completely on the upcoming season. After all, immediately after the camp part of the team will be heading to Argentina to compete in the Tour de San Luis.