Interviews | 03.01.2014

A quick chat with Zak Dempster after his first victory of the season

Zak – congrats to your win. It looks like the perfect way to start into a new season. Please tell us your view on the final lap and your victory. Thanks, the race came down to a sprint from a 7 man break that had formed after about 19 minutes of...

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Team News | 27.12.2013

Interview with NetApp-Endura's new Sports Director

Now that Christian Pömer has completed his "internship" with NetApp-Endura's team management this fall, he will join the club of sports directors in this German second-division team. In an interview with, the Austrian...

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Team News | 11.12.2013

Interview with André Schulze upon his new start as Sports Director with Team NetApp-Endura

After ending his career as a pro-cyclist André Schulze switches into the role as Sports Director with Team NetApp-Endura. interviewed him to find out how things developed.

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Interviews | 07.11.2013

Tips for training in the winter time by sport director Enrico Poitschke – Part 2

In the first part of our winter special, we asked NetApp-Endura's Sport Director Enrico Poitschke about how our riders spend their off-season and how to mix up your winter training schedule. In the second and last part we will be talking about the...

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Interviews | 06.11.2013

Tips for training in the winter time by sport director Enrico Poitschke - Part 1

How can you keep fit during winter time and continue to train, while the weather does not play along and it is too cold to ride your bike? We asked NetApp-Endura's Sport Director Enrico Poitschke, who not only prepares our athletes but also amateur...

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Team News | 04.11.2013

Interview with Team Manager Ralph Denk on the past season and the next spoke to team manager Ralph Denka bout the past season and the team's goals for 2014. If you asses the past season based on the number of victories achieved, it could be said to be just about average. Is it a case of quality...

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Team News | 24.10.2013

Interview: Scott Thwaites' first season with Team NetApp-Endura

Scott Thwaites has ridden almost 10,000 kilometres in UCI-ranked races during his first season in a ProContinental team, compared to 1,500 in 2012. The 23-year old former cyclocross rider just completed his first year with Team NetApp-Endura. We...

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